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Shanxi Trisage Group Marketing Seminar Held in Xiamen

2019/12/03 16:25
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Shanxi Trisage Group (formerly Shanxi Ximu Donghai Advanced Carbon Co., Ltd.) marketing seminar was held in Xiamen on November 18, 2019. As a strategic partner & authorized sales subsidiary, Mr. Zhang Xuewen (G. M.), represented Lanzhou Jinkaize Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. to attend this meeting.

The meeting was chaired by Liu Yingxian, deputy general manager ofTrisage Co.. He introduced the company's name changing, reviewed the sales situation in the first three quarters of 2019, and conducted research, analysis, and deployment on the fourth quarter and 2020 sales and market conditions. The sales company and the representatives of the traders introduced the situation in their respective areas too.

Finally, the meeting was summarized by President Zhang Xiangjun and Vice President Wang Sizhai of Trisage Co.. He recognized the company's sales work in 2019 and expressed sincere gratitude to the sales companies and traders for their hard work in 2019, emphasizing the importance of sales in the fourth quarter. It is still necessary to do a good job in every detail to ensure that the company's sales work in 2019 is successfully completed; under the downward pressure of the market in 2020, do a good job in layout. In 2020, it must organize production and sales in accordance with contract requirements and plan to ensure sales goes smoothly.