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A Timely Snow Promises A Good Harvest, Voluntary Labor Displays Demeanor

2020/01/10 09:55
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On Jan. 7th, the first snowfall in the New Year ushered in the Northwest area, with heavy snow falling down like a feather, which covered the entire factory with a layer of silver. This brings many inconveniences and safety risks to employee travel, product manufacturing and material handling. In order to ensure safety and facilitate travel, all employees participated in snow removal activities under the organization of the company.
Under the leadership of the company's general manager - Ran Wanqiang, all employees not afraid of the cold & actively participated in the snow removal team and cleaned the snow and ice on the roads in the factory area. Everyone worked together and cooperated with each other, this busy scene constitutes a beautiful landscape. Although the temperature was very low, the enthusiasm and solidarity of everyone made this winter especially warm.
After more than an hour of hard work, everyone finally cleared all the snow on the roads in the factory area & eliminating hidden dangers for safe travel and production. The company timely organized employees to participate in snow removal activities, which not only ensured safe travel, but more importantly, through this activity, the company’s good mental outlook and team cohesion were fully reflected.
As the saying goes, a timely snow promises a good harvest, the company’s performance in 2020 will definitely be booming and set a new record!