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Take the road of sustainable development

2018/08/23 14:52
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  The main environmental protection indexes reach the first-level reference value of clean production standards;Power generation self-sufficiency rate of 46.55%......In recent years,fangda special steel group has transformed its development mode,eliminated backward production capacity,promoted environmental protection construction throughout the whole process of enterprise development,vigorously developed circular economy,promoted clean production,and embarked on a road of sustainable development.
  Since 2010,more than 2 billion yuan has been invested in technological transformation and elimination of backward production capacity,and the environmental protection indicators of enterprises have been continuously improved.As the first batch of 45 enterprises issued by the ministry of industry and information technology(miit),fangda special steel became the first steel enterprise selected in jiangxi province.In recent years,fangda special steel has been awarded more than 10 honorary titles,including"China's top ten green energy enterprises"and"national outstanding contribution to emission reduction of atmospheric pollution".
  We will eliminate backward production capacity and promote environmental protection
  Eight or nine years ago,fangda special steel had a large number of backward production equipment with high energy consumption and low indicators,and the development of the enterprise was seriously hampered by the lack of environmental protection facilities and technologies.
  Since 2009,fangda special steel has timely adjusted its development thinking and changed its development mode,and put forward the"four directions":from pursuing diversified development to extending development of industrial chain;From the pursuit of scale to the pursuit of variety,quality,efficiency,and improve the quality of development;From the pursuit of bigger to better,better,better,stronger,first stronger and then bigger;From building materials to industrial materials at the same time,and finally to industrial materials to adjust the product structure,the implementation of general to superior,superior to special,and improve product added value.Under the guidance of the new development idea,fangda special steel co.,ltd.has started the second phase technical reform project with the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction and in line with the national industrial policy,with a total investment of more than 2 billion yuan.
  Eliminate the old facilities and production lines with high energy consumption,poor technical and economic indicators and heavy environmental pollution,such as two 40-ton high-energy electric furnaces and two steel rolling production lines in the 1950s.On the premise of no new production capacity,the company has successively completed major technical renovation projects such as the coking dry quenching project,which has become an important supporting force for the company to achieve product upgrading.Complete the renovation project of 245 square meter sintering machine,further optimize the burden structure of blast furnace,reduce energy consumption and pollutant emission..
  We will continue to phase out backward production capacity and promote environmental protection.While we are promoting the construction of the second phase of technological upgrading projects,environmental protection projects that have invested hundreds of millions of yuan have also kept pace.
  More than 20 million yuan was invested to build the dust removal system of blast furnace trough,electric dust remover of pelletizing shaft and second dust removal technology of converter,further improving the dust collection effect,and the dust emission concentration reached the new environmental protection standard.After investing 75 million yuan to build flue gas desulfurization in sintering,fangda special steel has invested another 110 million yuan in promoting flue gas desulfurization in the shaft furnace of pellet and total desulfurization of coke oven gas.
  Over the past seven years,more than 50 environmental protection technical renovation projects,such as coking and quenching of fangda special steel and technical renovation of converter water treatment system,have been completed successfully,effectively reducing sewage,dust,sulfur dioxide emissions and energy consumption.As the first batch of clean production audit pilot unit in jiangxi province,fangda special steel has carried out three rounds of clean production audit during the 12th five-year plan period,and is the first batch of key enterprises to carry out clean production audit and pass the evaluation published by the ministry of environmental protection.
  Since 2016,the party again big special steel investment capital of RMB 20 million,130㎡sinter machine the nose reconstruction of dust removal DiBiao DiBiao,coking wastewater treatment system,such as environmental protection facilities upgrade projects.
  In 2014,the online monitoring system network for pollution sources throughout key production processes such as coke oven,sintering,blast furnace and converter was built,and the network was connected with the environmental protection department,which received real-time supervision from the environmental protection department.In order to effectively eliminate backward production capacity and actively promote the construction of emission reduction projects,fangda special steel submitted a qualified answer sheet to government departments and the public.
  Pollution prevention and control is in line with circular economy
  Fang da special steel co.,LTD.Has carried out beneficial exploration and practice to make the best use of"waste"and to make use of"discharge".
  In August 2012,nanchang fully realized the replacement of artificial gas with natural gas,marking the end of the historical mission of fangda special steel to provide coke oven gas to millions of citizens.If the surplus coke oven gas is released,it will cause great pollution to the air and also lose benefit.Fangda special steel group has urgently built a co-generation unit to convert the gas and kinetic energy originally used by the public for power generation projects.At present,the annual capacity of fangda special steel reaches 596 million KWH,and the power supply rate is above 46.55%.
  This is pollution prevention and circular economy catch together a miniature.Fangda special steel integrates this concept into the coking,ironmaking,steelmaking and steel rolling processes,recycles industrial waste and waste water for secondary processing,and greatly improves the efficiency of energy utilization.
  Through supporting the cogeneration project of blast furnace gas,the surplus gas is used to produce steam for power generation and the level of gas recovery and utilization is improved.The dust removal ash and iron containing dirt produced in the production process are recycled and used for sintering,so as to reduce dust emission.A new comprehensive wastewater treatment system and a biochemical treatment system for coking phenol-cyanide wastewater to realize water saving and emission reduction and recycling;The steel slag treatment line 5 kilometers away from the production area,after the steel slag of converter is separated every day,the iron resources are recycled and returned to the sintered ingredients.The tailings are exported for the raw materials of building materials,and the steel slag utilization rate is 100%,realizing the"dry crushing net"of waste slag.
  The recycling and treatment of acid tar,tar slag and other waste generated in the coking production is a common problem in the coking industry.
  We also introduced the marketization new energy saving mechanism of"contract energy management"and cooperated with professional energy saving companies to complete the energy saving renovation projects of power circulation pump,blast furnace hot blast furnace,iron pellet combustion support and cooling fan conversion and power saving transformation.
  The construction of these circular economy projects not only prevents secondary pollution,but also effectively realizes the comprehensive utilization of various resources of surplus gas,heat and energy,producing considerable economic and environmental benefits.In 2016,fangda special steel achieved a total energy saving of 379,70.6 tons of standard coal through the implementation of circular economy energy saving project.