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Xi jinping: raising the flag and gathering the people's hearts and minds to promote the image of culture exhibition will better

2018/08/23 14:54
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  Beijing,Aug.22(xinhua)--a national conference on propaganda and ideological work was held on Thursday in Beijing.Xi jinping,general secretary of the communist party of China central committee and President of the central military commission,attended the meeting and delivered important speeches.He stressed that to complete the mission of propaganda and ideological work under the new situation,must be the idea of socialism with Chinese characteristics in new era and the party's spirit of 19 major as the instruction,strengthen the consciousness of"four","four confidence",consciously assume for flags,morale and people,culture,studies show that the image of the mission,adhere to the correct political orientation,in the fundamental and strategic task,key points in,to harm,work on improving the quality and level,promote the propaganda and ideological work stronger constantly,promote all the people on the ideal faith,value concept and moral together,We will make greater contribution to serving the overall cause of the party and the country.
  Wang huning,member of the standing committee of the political bureau of the CPC central committee and secretary of the secretariat of the CPC central committee,presided over the meeting.
  In his speech,xi pointed out that since the 18th national congress of the communist party of China(CPC),we have placed publicity and ideological work in an important position in the overall work,made a series of major decisions and implemented a series of major measures.Under the strong leadership of the CPC central committee,propaganda and ideological front as positive,pioneering spirit,comprehensively promote the party's theory innovation,socialism with Chinese characteristics and the Chinese dream is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people,the socialist core values and widely carry forward Chinese excellent traditional culture,the mainstream public opinion continuously consolidate,highlight the cultural confidence and national cultural soft power and the influence of Chinese culture,the unity of the party on the whole social thought more consolidation.Practice has proved that the decision and arrangement of the party central committee on propaganda and ideological work is completely correct and the cadres of the propaganda and ideological front are totally trustworthy.
  Xi stressed that,in practice,we continue to deepen the understanding of regularity of propaganda and ideological work,put forward a series of new thoughts new point of view,this is adhering to the party's leadership of ideological work,adhere to the ideological work"two consolidate"the fundamental task,adhere to arm the whole party with new times the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics,education people,adhere to cultivate and practice the socialist core values,adhere to cultural self-confidence is more fundamental,wider and more profound confidence,is more fundamental,deeper,more lasting power,enhance the news public opinion propagation force,guiding force,influence and credibility,We should adhere to the people-centered creative direction,create a clean and upright cyberspace,tell good Chinese stories and spread good Chinese voices.These important ideas are the fundamental principles of the propaganda work and must be adhered to and constantly developed for a long time.
  Xi pointed out that socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era,and it is necessary to unify thought and gather strength as the central link of propaganda ideological work.At present,China's development situation is generally sound.Our party should unite and lead the people to achieve the strategic goal set at the 19th CPC national congress and win the new victory of socialism with Chinese characteristics.We must take the people's aspiration for a better life as our objective,and resolve both practical and ideological issues.We must take the initiative to interpret China's path and Chinese characteristics,and effectively safeguard China's political and cultural security.We must keep to the principle of"standing firm"and"breaking through",and constantly enhance the cohesion and leadership of socialist ideology.We must scientifically understand the law of network transmission,improve the level of network governance,and make the biggest variable of Internet the biggest increment of career development.
  Xi stressed that to do a good job in propagating thoughts under the new circumstances,we must consciously assume the mission of raising flags,gathering the people's hearts,educating new people,promoting culture and displaying images.For flags,is to be held up the banner of marxism,socialism with Chinese characteristics,persistent arm the whole party with new times the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics,education people,promote the work,learning to understand have a good grasp of old-age fluctuation kongfu,promote marxism in contemporary China,marxism is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people,take root in the 21st century.To gather the people's hearts and minds is to firmly grasp the correct direction of public opinion,sing the main melody,strengthen positive energy,expand and strengthen the mainstream opinion,lift up the morale and spirit of the whole party and the people,and unite and move forward towards the grand goal set by the party central committee.To educate new people means that we must uphold morality and cultivate cultural people,build socialist spiritual civilization,cultivate and practice socialist core values,raise people's ideological awareness,moral standards and cultural literacy,and cultivate new generations who can bear the responsibility of national rejuvenation.To revitalize culture is to adhere to the path of socialist culture with Chinese characteristics,promote the creative transformation and innovative development of China's excellent traditional culture,inherit revolutionary culture,develop advanced socialist culture,inspire the cultural innovation and creativity of the whole nation,and build a strong socialist culture.To present China's image is to promote international communication capacity building,tell good Chinese stories and spread good Chinese voices,show the real,three-dimensional and comprehensive China to the world,and enhance the country's cultural soft power and Chinese cultural influence.
  Xi pointed out that building a socialist ideology with strong cohesion and leadership is a strategic task that the whole party,especially the propaganda ideological front,must shoulder.We should do a good job in strengthening the propaganda of marxism,and in particular,we should make efforts to learn how to understand and apply the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era.We should take"four self-confidence"as the key to building socialist ideology,adhere to the guiding position of marxism in the field of philosophy and social science in China,and build a philosophy and social science with Chinese characteristics,Chinese style and Chinese style.We should ensure correct guidance of public opinion,improve the dissemination,guidance,influence and credibility of news and public opinion,and consolidate and strengthen mainstream opinion.We should strengthen innovation in the means of communication and ways of discourse,and let the party's innovation theory fly into ordinary people's homes.We should build a county-level media center to better guide and serve the people.We must stand firm in upholding the truth and refute falsehoods.We need to press down on the responsibilities of party committees(party groups)at all levels,and ensure that tasks are not carried out carelessly,positions are not managed lax,and accountability is not vague.
  Xi stressed that propaganda and ideological work is a man's work,and it is important to train new people in the era who take on the responsibility of national rejuvenation.The most important thing is to build a firm spiritual foundation with firm ideal faith,firm belief in marxism,faith in socialism and communism,and confidence in the path,theory,system and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics.We need to strengthen education guidance,practice,and institutional guarantee,integrate socialist core values into all aspects of social development,and guide all the people to consciously practice.We should grasp the critical period of the formation and determination of teenagers'values and guide them to button their first button of life.We should extensively carry out advanced and exemplary learning activities and create a strong atmosphere of advocating,learning,defending and caring for heroes.We should vigorously promote the new spirit of The Times,strengthen ideological and moral development,carry out the civic morality project in depth,strengthen and improve ideological and political work,push forward the construction of the civilization practice center of the new era,and constantly raise people's ideological awareness,moral standards,civilization quality and the level of civilization of the whole society.We should carry forward the integrity of the new style,carry forward the practice of changing customs,foster a civilized countryside,a good home,and a simple people,and revitalize the new look of rural civilization.
  Xi pointed out that the vast number of cultural and literary workers should be guided to live deeply and take root in the people,take improving quality as the lifeline of literary and artistic works,devote themselves to expressing the great era with emotion and diligence,constantly launch excellent works to eulogize the party,the motherland,the people and the heroes,and write the new epic of the Chinese nation.Insist on putting social benefits first,guide the literary and art workers build up correct view of history,and national outlook and cultural viewpoint,consciously speak grade,speaking style,responsibility,consciously abide by state laws and regulations,strengthen moral character accomplishment,resolutely resist vulgar vulgar vulgar,with healthy literary works and to be doing things edify sentiment,enlightening,leading the fashion.More healthy and high-quality online art works should be launched.We should promote the standardization and equalization of public cultural services,adhere to government leadership,social participation,lowering the focus of attention,joint construction and sharing,improve the public cultural service system,and improve the coverage and applicability of basic public cultural services.We should promote the high-quality development of cultural industries,improve the modern system of cultural industries and the market system,promote the development and growth of all types of cultural market players,foster new types of cultural businesses and cultural consumption patterns,and increase people's sense of cultural gain and happiness through high-quality cultural supply.We should unswervingly deepen the reform of the cultural system and constantly inspire cultural innovation and creativity.