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Xi stressed at the party construction conference of the central military commission

2018/08/23 14:55
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  Central military commission party building conference 17 solstice 19 in Beijing.Xi jinping,general secretary of the communist party of China central committee and President of the central military commission,attended the meeting and delivered important speeches.He stressed that comprehensively strengthening the leadership and party building of our armed forces in the new era is an inevitable requirement for advancing the great new project of party building,as well as for advancing the powerful nation and strengthening the armed forces.Army will fully implement the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the party's 19 big spirit,carry out the new era of the party's army of ideas,the implementation of the new era of party construction general requirements,the implementation of the new era of the party organization,adhere to the party's absolute leadership over the armed forces,adhere to the comprehensive governing party,adhere to the focus on preparing for war,improve our quality to strengthen the construction of the party's leadership and the party's work,to achieve the army of the party in the new era of targets,a new era to complete all the mission to provide strong political guarantee.
  At about 9:30 a.m.on the 17th,xi jinping arrived at the Beijing west hotel,where he received the delegates and took a group photo with them.
  Xi delivered an important speech at the conference.After he pointed out that the party's 18th,the CPC central committee and the central military commission from the political construction and grasp the army,especially thou farmland army political work conference,vigorously promotes the comprehensive governing party,comprehensive strictly,adhere to the party's absolute leadership over the armed forces,insist on advancing political training and consolidation in the spirit of rectification,adhere to arm coagulation hearts meet the soul theory,adhere to the party organization to make strong,adheres to the good army cadres standards,adhere to is the wind's ji,anti-corruption,punish evil,led the army roots roots,leather disadvantages innovate,to promote greater tube party party soft towards was hard.The leadership and party building of our armed forces have undergone profound and comprehensive changes,providing a strong political guarantee for the historic achievements and changes in the military cause.We should sum up our experience and consolidate and develop our achievements.
  Xi stressed that the party's leadership and party building is the key to the development of China's armed forces.Army goal,the implementation of the party in the new era of the people's army with a world class forces,complete new era mission,given by the party and the people,for a long time for work,persistence to great effort to solve our under the leadership of the party and the party's construction of conflict problems of the weaknesses and short board,our party's leadership and the party's construction work more solid,more fast to our troops construction of party organizations at all levels more strong.
  Xi pointed out that upholding the party's absolute leadership over the military is the top priority of the PLA's efforts to strengthen the party's leadership and party building.We should strengthen the party's political construction,guide the whole army to firmly uphold the authority of the party central committee and centralize and unify its leadership,and resolutely obey the command of the party central committee and the central military commission.We will continue to arm the officers and men with the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era and the thought of the party's strong army in the new era,and consolidate the ideological foundation of the army's absolute loyalty to the party.We should implement the system of assigning responsibility to the head of the party committee under the unified collective leadership,and ensure that all work is placed under the unified leadership of the party committee,and that all important issues are studied and decided by the party committee.We will improve the system of the party leading the armed forces and comprehensively standardize the party's work and political work.
  Xi stressed that the party's strength comes from the organization,and a strong organization means a strong military.We should adhere to the organizational line to serve the political line,focus on the main task of preparing for war,strengthen the building of the party's organizational system,strengthen the leadership,organization and execution of party organizations at all levels,and turn the political and organizational advantages of the party into winning advantages.We should adapt to the new system and new functions after the reform.We should adhere to the principle of the CMC in charge of the general command,the war zone in charge,and the army type in charge of construction.
  Xi pointed out that senior party committees at or above the military level have an important position and great responsibility in the party organization system of the PLA.We need to clearly state our politics,stand firm in our political positions,take a quasi-political orientation,strengthen our political beliefs,enhance our political capabilities and ensure that our politics are sound.High-level party committees should enhance their capabilities of strategic planning,actual combat and actual preparation,reform and innovation,scientific management and implementation.
  Xi stressed that the way to build a strong army should be to gain people.We should put more emphasis on training cadres and personnel,focus on forging a cadre team of high quality,loyal,clean and responsible,and focus on gathering outstanding personnel in all fields who are committed to strengthening the armed forces and winning.We should adhere to the principle of combining ability with morality,putting morality first,and appointing people on merit.We should highlight political standards and combat capabilities,thoroughly resolve outstanding issues concerning personnel,personnel and personnel,and put into use those who are in need of a strong military career,and put the right people in the right positions.We should implement the strategic plan of the central committee of the communist party of China,formulate and implement a plan for training excellent young cadres,focus on training those who are accurate,and lay stress on preparing for war,working hard in positions of importance,and carrying out urgent,difficult and dangerous tasks.
  Xi pointed out that human resources are valuable strategic resources for strengthening the armed forces and rejuvenating the armed forces.We should step up efforts to build a"trinity"new military personnel training system,and intensify efforts to train personnel for joint combat command,new combat forces,high-level scientific and technological innovation,and high-level strategic management.We should improve relevant supporting policies and strengthen the construction of civilian personnel.We should adhere to the combination of strict regulation and love,pay equal attention to both motivation and constraint,encourage hard work and innovation,help solve practical problems,and fully mobilize everyone's enthusiasm,initiative and creativity.
  Xi stressed that we should carry forward the building of a clean government and the fight against corruption in an all-round way with the persistence and tenacity of being always on the road.We should pursue hedonism and extravagance,and resolutely break down formalism and bureaucracy.We should speed up the transformation of the way of running the armed forces,exercise power in accordance with legal responsibilities and authorities,and carry out work in accordance with regulations and rules.We need to deepen discipline.We need to enforce strict discipline,and use iron discipline to promote strict party and military discipline.