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What are the reasons for the popularity of graphite electrodes in the market?

2018/08/23 14:56
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  The advantage of graphite electrode is that it is easy to process,high removal rate of discharge machining and low loss of graphite.In addition,some special shaped electrodes cannot be made of copper,but graphite is easier to shape,and the copper electrode is too heavy to be suitable for processing large electrodes.All these factors lead to the application of graphite electrodes for some group-base spark machine customers.
  The graphite electrode is easy to process and the processing speed is faster than the copper electrode.For example,using the milling process to process graphite,the processing speed is 2~3 times faster than other metal processing and no additional manual processing is required,while copper electrodes require manual grinding.Similarly,if electrodes are made from high-speed graphite processing centers,they will be faster and more efficient,and will not cause dust problems.In these processes,choosing tools with the right hardness and graphite can reduce the wear loss of the cutter and the breakage of the copper bar.If the milling time of graphite electrode and copper electrode is compared specifically,graphite is 67%faster than copper electrode.In general discharge machining,the processing using graphite electrode is 58%faster than using copper electrode.As a result,processing time is greatly reduced and manufacturing costs are reduced.
  The design of graphite electrode is different from that of traditional copper electrode.Many mold factories usually reserve different amounts of copper electrodes during rough and finish machining,while graphite electrodes use almost the same amount of reserves,which reduces the number of CAD/CAM and machine machining.This alone is sufficient to greatly improve the accuracy of mold cavity.