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Baosteel chemical and fangda carbon held a project signing and foundation laying ceremony for 100,000 tons of ultra-high power g

2018/08/23 14:51
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  On August 20,baosteel chemical co.,LTD and fangda carbon power graphite electrode project signed and laid foundation ceremony was successfully held in lanzhou.China bao wu group belongs to the world top 500 enterprises of chemical industry and the large group baosteel ranked second in the world,Asia's largest carbon production enterprise,large carbon combination investment 2.7 billion yuan,red ancient district in lanzhou peace town clip beach village construction of 100000 tons of ultra high power graphite electrode,jointly open the revitalization of the Chinese carbon industry a new chapter.
  Lin duo,party secretary of gansu province,director of the standing committee of the provincial people's congress,deputy secretary of gansu province,governor tang renjian,standing committee member of gansu province,secretary of lanzhou municipal committee li rongcan,standing committee member of gansu province,secretary general of lanzhou municipal committee wang jiayi,vice governor of gansu province li peixing,deputy secretary of lanzhou municipal committee,mayor zhang weiwen and other provincial leaders.Chen derong,chairman and party secretary of China baowu group,fang wei,chairman of the board of fangda group,sun qing,secretary general of China carbon industry association and other officials attended the signing ceremony.
  Li rong,deputy secretary of honggu district committee and district director of lanzhou city,Lin xiuzhen,chairman of baosteel chemical co.,LTD,party secretary of party committee,and party general manager of fangda carbon co.,LTD.Lin xiuzhen and party xijiang signed the joint venture contract on behalf of both parties.
  At the signing ceremony,yan kuixing,director and President of fangda group,Chen derong,chairman and party secretary of China baowu group,li rongcan,member of the standing committee of gansu provincial party committee and secretary of lanzhou municipal party committee,delivered speeches respectively.
  On behalf of fang da group,chairman fang wei of yan quexing expressed his congratulations on the signing of the cooperation and the foundation of the project.He thanked gansu provincial party committee and provincial government for their care and strong support for the rapid implementation of the cooperation project,and thanked both parties for their hard efforts in the smooth implementation of the project.Yan said that with the help of"One Belt And One Road construction,win-win development",the signing of the project between the two sides,which is not only in the right place at the right time,but also with good political skills,will go down in the history of the development of China's carbon industry,and will also make a great contribution to the development of the world's carbon industry.
  In his speech,chairman Chen derong said that lanzhou is an important industrial base and one of the important central cities in western China.With a long history and brilliant culture,and a harmonious society,today's lanzhou is more modern,fashionable,vibrant and charming after 40 years of reform and opening-up.China baowu group is full of confidence in the investment and development in lanzhou.The friendly cooperation between lanzhou city and baosteel chemical industry and fangda carbon co.,ltd.has both industrial synergies and institutional advantages.It is also hoped that the joint venture company will take"world class,domestic first"as the goal,speed up high-quality development,and make due contributions to local economic and social development.
  Secretary li rongcan said that China baowu group is in the leading position in China's steel industry and has an important international influence.Adhere to industry,big group is a large-scale enterprise group,to the party as the soul's big carbon is Asia's largest,the world's second high quality carbon products manufacturing enterprises,the two companies cooperate,advantage superposition,joint 100000 tons of ultra high power graphite electrode in lanzhou construction project,not only embodies the foresight of two enterprises and strategic vision,also reflected the faith in lanzhou and the deep affection,but a sure of doing business in lanzhou,we feel pleasure and excitement.Signing of project marked the 100000 tons of ultra high power graphite electrode construction material,critical important strides,to perfect the lanzhou city and the province's economic structure,promote industrial upgrading has great and far-reaching significance,in lanzhou,also will certainly to speed up the construction of modern industrial system,inject new impetus to realize high quality development.
  After the signing ceremony,a grand foundation laying ceremony was held in honggu park of lanzhou economic and technological development zone where the project is located.Enterprise representatives,industrial park representatives,the construction side representatives,hundreds of local people lined up,a vehicle ready to go.Secretary li rongcan,mayor zhang weiwen,chairman Chen derong,chairman fang wei and other leaders came to the site of the foundation laying ceremony,with a shovel to lay the foundation for the project.
  Ao xinhua,deputy party secretary and vice President of fangda group,Lin xiuzhen,party secretary and chairman of baosteel chemical co.,LTD.,and mayor zhang weiwen delivered speeches respectively.
  Mayor zhang weiwen said in his speech that the construction of the 100,000 ton ultra-high power graphite electrode project marked a new step for lanzhou to cooperate with baowu group and fangda group.This project will open up new space for enterprise development,and will also play a powerful role in promoting the adjustment of industrial structure and strengthening of real economy in lanzhou.Lanzhou municipal party committee municipal government will urge all the red ancient district government in accordance with the stipulations of the tripartite investment protection agreement to form a specialized project management team,to provide water supply,electricity supply,gas supply,such as infrastructure construction,actively implement the land tax preferential policies such as science and technology,high efficiency to deal with relevant formalities necessary for the project,timely solve the problems encountered in the project implementation,to ensure the project built early,early operation and early work.
  The treasure of China,and the big group has a long history of cooperation,both sides forged a deep friendship for a long time,after the completion of the project of"treasure carbon materials technology co.,LTD.",not only conforms to the central and provincial party committee about mixed ownership reform as the breach,to speed up the pace of stock rights,efforts to form a flexible and efficient market operation mechanism,to build effective large enterprise groups to participate in international competition and so on request,is also the Chinese treasure,and the large group profound grasp of the party central committee with comrade xi as the core to accelerate the transformation of the mode of economic development in the concrete embodiment of important spirit,Will have model and model effect to mixed ownership reform.
  The project site of 100,000 tons of ultra-high-power graphite electrode is located in honggu park,lanzhou economic and technological development zone,pingan town,honggu district,with a total land area of about 1,000 mu.Construction will start in 2018,and it will be completed and put into operation in 2020.This project is an industry of high efficiency and low pollution recycling economy vigorously advocated by the national supply-side structural reform.It will adopt the most high-end technology in the production of graphite electrode,the most advanced equipment in the world and the optimized energy conservation and environmental protection technology.It has the advantages of safety,environmental protection,energy saving and high efficiency.The project also takes full account of the"three wastes"treatment and comprehensive utilization measures.The environmental protection facilities and equipment are manufactured by internationally advanced manufacturers.The"three wastes"are all controlled in accordance with the national pollutant emission standards,which are far better than the national ones.The implementation of this project marks the birth of another carbon production base with high-end technical advantages in the international carbon industry.It will effectively improve the overall equipment"intelligent manufacturing"level of China's carbon industry,which is of great significance to the adjustment of industrial structure and economic transformation,and will play an active role in the strategic development of the national industry.
  The project of 100,000 tons of ultra-high power graphite electrode has been successfully settled in lanzhou,which has been strongly supported by gansu provincial party committee and provincial government,lanzhou municipal party committee and municipal government,and honggu district committee and district government.Especially secretary Lin duo,Tang Renjian governor,secretary li repeated theirselves,coordinate,coordinate to carry out the related preferential policies,to help push the project fast fall to the ground,especially the secretary Lin duo have been paid close attention to and support the development of the large carbon,has repeatedly each other big carbon development highly and affirmation,this year July 24 in lanzhou a cordial meeting with chairman Fang Wei,praised the big in any field,can to enterprise development in a short period of time,this is a successful enterprise,the successful entrepreneur.Li rongcan,secretary of the party committee of lanzhou municipal government,visited the headquarters of fangda group on February 4,saying that lanzhou municipal party committee and government will actively support the development and expansion of fangda carbon in lanzhou.We welcome the investment and development of fangda group in lanzhou and will do everything possible to provide a good business and development environment for the enterprise.